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New Club Liquor Licence

At Commercial Licensing Specialists we specialise in the licensing requirements that pertain to Registered Clubs under the Incorporated Associations Act (Qld) 1991.

Many clubs in Queensland are now moving to appoint managers and operators to conduct the operations of their businesses. These appointments, through management agreements, require approval from various government bodies including the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. Not all management agreements are approved and many types of agreements are unlawful under several State Queensland Acts.

We specialise in the negotiation, drafting and procuring approval of management agreements for Clubs and Operators.

We also advise in the following areas of Club Licensing:

  • Alterations to Licensed Premises;
  • Alterations to Constitutions to allow management agreements;
  • Management Agreements both fixed fee and assessed fee;
  • Monitoring and compliance of agreements;
  • Project managements; and
  • Corporate Governance Training