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Detached Bottle Shop Applications

Many people have ideas to open a Bottle Shop, unfortunately however, only Commercial Hotel Liquor Licensees have the right to apply.

  • Applications for Bottle shops are complex and often refused by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.
  • Not all locations are suitable and you must have a good reason for its placement.
  • A detailed Community Impact Statement is required for approval.
  • If the intended Bottle shop faces or if you can visibly see petrol bowsers from the front of the proposed premise, your application may be refused.
  • All applications are required to be advertised.

If you are a Commercial Hotel Liquor Licence holder, you are permitted to have 3 remote Bottle shops within a radius of 10 kilometres of your Tavern or Hotel.

The area of the Bottle shop premise can be a maximum of 150sq metres retail and liquor storage areas. Toilets and administration office space can be added in excess of the above maximum.

For further details please consult our office on 07 5526 0112.